Week 6

I thought this week was a little easier than past weeks. I liked almost all of the assignments. I already am pretty familiar with Photoshop and graphic design. One of the harder parts of this week I found was making two of the assignments related to our spy characters. A big problem I had this week was trying to design a book cover, but I had issues with Photoshop, so I had to pick another one, on top of having internet problems off and on. Design isn’t one of my favorite things to do, but I do appreciate good graphic design, and I got to experiment with some things I’ve never done before.

Misc. Assignments:

Design Blitz

Abstract: The Art of Design


Daily Creates:

Perfect Circle

Happiest Place

Cool Graphics


Assignment Bank:

Contradiction Creation

You’re Invited

Let’s See Some ID

Favorite Movie Quote


Abstract: The Art of Design

For this assignment, I watch the Abstract: The Art of Design. I watched the photography episode on Platon and the graphic design episode on Paula Scher. In the photography episode, they profiled a famous portrait photographer, Platon, who has taken photographs of average people as well as famous figures like Barack Obama, Colin Powell, and Vladimir Putin. While they talked more about Platon’s creative process and the way his photographs communicate a message, I picked up some of the design elements that Platon uses to take effective photos. Most of his portraits are minimalist, with light blue or white backgrounds and nothing else, so the subject alone is dominant. He also uses symmetry and balance in his photos. The episode on graphic design with Paula Scher focuses on her personal growth through her career, but I also picked up on the elements of design that make her work great. A lot of her posters and advertisements have great rhythm, which she creates using the right spacing/placement, fonts, colors, and images, like her posters for the Noise Funk musical.

Favorite Movie Quote

For the Favorite Movie Quote assignment, I chose Kingsman: the Secret Service (one of my favorite spy movies). “Manners maketh man” is one of my favorite quotes from the film. The quote itself is said right before something crazy and badass happens, but it’s also one of the main themes of the film, how a person is defined by their character. I chose a free use font that looked like a simple, classic 1930s, spy-ish font. I especially liked how it looks in white, since the background colors are pretty dark, and the only other whites in the picture are the the suit shirts.

Mary White

For this assignment I created a fake ID for my spy character, Annabella Smith. Instead of just sticking with the biographical information that I already created for Annabella Smith, I wanted to create a fake ID for a spy, which would probably work best as a passport. I came up with a fake name and a fake background (Mary White). I downloaded a real UK passport, and I used a typewriter font to fill in her fake info like it was produced in the 1930s or 1940s. I also aged the passport by using Photoshop brushes to show crinkled or dirty paper and a coffee stain, like Smith had used it once or twice for a mission and then left it to age over time.

You’re Invited

For this assignment I created an invitation to a masquerade ball from the Alfred Hitchcock film, which is based on a book, Rebecca. I used a few different fonts, meant to be fancy but classy. Most of the fonts already came loaded onto Photoshop, but I did download some free use fonts. The invitation is meant to be an invitation given out to Rebecca’s friends before she mysteriously died, so I wanted to also include a Gothic and mysterious feel to the invitation.

Design Blitz

Minimalism & use of space is shown in this postcard from a UMW Gallery exhibition. The lack of any other graphics, the use of only 2 colors, the large spaces and even spacing between the letters, and the simple font make this a minimalist design and a good use of space.

The poster for Steel Magnolias is a good example of color. The vibrant pink really sets the tone for the play. It also catches the viewers eye more than if they used a dulled color.

This American Perspectives on Modernism flyer shows Form/Function/Message. It gives a lot of information on the subject without being too busy. It also has an image that breaks up all of the text. The different font sizes make it very functional without losing the design.

Typography is illustrated in this design for the UMW in London poster. The way the font is placed, as well as the sizing, makes it a great example.