Hugh Jackman Really Hates Ducklings

The concept behind this Ready For My Closeup assignment was to take a closeup of someone’s face and put it together with something that contrasts with what their face is suggesting. In this one, I made it look like Hugh Jackman really hates ducklings.

I used Photoshop to paste Hugh Jackman’s face over a stock photo of some grass. All the ducklings in the background are from separate pictures of ducklings in grass that I added in. To make sure they blended in to the picture, I used the eraser tool and the opacity tool to make the edges as close as possible. I also adjusted the color and saturation to make sure the different grasses in the pictures matched the background grass picture I used.

Jack Bourne

For the Movie Mashup assignment, I wanted to make it spy-themed and to mashup two spy movies. Spy movies seem to kind of run together in my head, especially movies like the Bourne series and the Jack Ryan series. This mashup mashes together Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit and The Bourne Identity. The two original posters are here:


I tried coming up with a font and color scheme pretty similar to the original, and I went with the Jack Ryan poster because I could fit more actors in it easily. As well mashing together the titles, I mashed together the tag lines and other elements. I used red carpet images of the actors and just used Photoshop to paste them over the original actors’ faces, added a little finishing touches. with some brushes and color adjustment, and voilà, a generic mashup spy movie poster.


Week 10

Movie week was one of my favorite ones so far. If not for other factors, this week would have been pretty easy for me, but I still had fun with it. I really enjoyed the video assignments. I thought it would be more about directing and shooting videos, but there was a lot of variety even though there weren’t too many assignments compared to other categories. iMovie is easier to work with than Audacity, so that made the week more doable than others. The videos on directing and Roger Ebert’s How to Read A Movie were also very interesting.



Spy Interview

Just Keep Swimming

College Snapshot

Chipmunked Taken

To Mars!

Video Essay


Spy Interview

For the Character Interview, I chose what I thought were some of the funnier questions to make for a good interview for my character, Annabella Smith. I found footage of a silhouetted interview with an anonymous woman (which was actually very hard to find) and changed the pitch of my own voice recording to simulate an anonymous interview. Interestingly, I had this idea even before I watched one of the interview question videos with the “anonymous” interviewer. I used iMovie to put it together, which took some time, but it is very user-friendly when trying to trim and sync audio and video.

College Snapshot

For this assignment, I had to put photos together with music to make a video about my favorite memories from college. I used iMovie and got the song from Freesound. The song doesn’t go perfectly with it and it was recorded through a vent, but I love country music and wanted to find something public domain. Some of the photos are from vacations, Halloween (which my family goes big on every year), pictures with my boyfriend, my pets, and my friends.

Chipmunked Taken

For this assignment, we were supposed to “chipmunk” (from Alvin and the Chipmunks) a video by changing the pitch of the voice to a high pitch. I used iMovie to turn Liam Neeson’s awesome and serious Taken scene into a chipmunk video. iMovie has a convenient way to change the pitch of the audio of a video, so I was able to easily change the pitch of his voice. It also helped that Liam Neeson is the only person in the scene. If I chose a conversation between multiple characters and only wanted to chipmunk one person, it would have been a lot harder, but this scene is already great and was perfect for turning into a chipmunked scene.

Week 9

Week 9 had a lot of assignments but it was pretty easy. Kale is the Worst was my favorite assignment because I really hate kale and learning a new skill was also really cool. Google Draw Something was also one of my favorites because it was fun. It’s amazing what Google can do. Having so many assignments made it hard to finish it on time but I enjoyed doing all of them. I look forward to moving on to video!


1900: Galveston, TX

We Were Contenders

Emergency Exit

Connected Creates


Best of DS106


Kale is the Worst


Google Draw Something

You’re a Pinteresting Character 

Color Walk Time Line


Agents on Air Review


Best of DS106

Daniel Z’s Daily Create to redesign a Ladybird book cover was one of my favorites so far. The joke was definitely creative, especially since the kid on the cover has a cloth over his face. It made me laugh more than any Daily Create has so far.

Cole Hodges’ Valentine’s card was also hilarious. The picture is already extremely cheesy. Even though he made his caption with MS Paint, that made it even cheesier and even funnier.


Daniel H’s Buzzfeed Quiz about historical rulers was also very good. He put a lot of thought into it, and it made me laugh while I was taking it. Some quizzes can be very basic (like just basing the answer on your favorite food), but he connected actual history with how these crazy rulers would have done it.