A Scary Story

For the sound effects story assignment, I used Audacity to create a short story using horror sound effects. Finding the sounds didn’t take too long, but layering them and timing them correctly was the hardest part. I chose the sound of rain, a door creaking, a door closing, a creaky house with echoes, ghostly whispers, a horror-movie type of music box track, a woman screaming, a gunshot, a baby crying, and the sound of an evil laugh. I knew I wanted to use these sounds, but at first I wasn’t sure how to organize them into a story. Basically, the way I wanted to tell it was the sound of someone walking into a haunted house where a murder had occurred. In a way, that was one part of the story, and the other “story,” the story of the murder that was being retold by the ghosts, was the sounds of the scream, the gunshot, the music box, the baby crying, the whispers, and the evil laughing. I used effects in Audacity like amplify, echo, change pitch, and reverb to make the sounds fit together better and not seem out of place.