Dream Vacation (With Some Help from Uncle Bob)

For the remix assignment, I remixed the Dream Vacation Pinterest assignment. The remix card I got said “Uncle Bob: Introduce an unexpected character into your assignment, someone as strange or unexpected as your Uncle Bob.” So, I added more pins to my board that were unexpected. My old board of my Dream Vacation had places where Annabella Smith/me would visit in the UK, like historical sites and landmarks. Whoever Uncle Bob is, I decided he would want to see bizarre roadside attractions, like the world’s largest ball of twine or the largest ketchup bottle. Maybe Uncle Bob is a secret agent who wants to throw any other spies of their trail? Or maybe Uncle Bob is just a dork who has a bucket list of all the weird roadside attractions in America? Even though adding the pins to my board wasn’t very hard, the harder part of the remix was coming up with a theme to add on to my vacation board and finding interesting enough pins to make it unexpected and weird.

Pinterest board

Where in the world is Annabella Smith?