Advice to Future Students

DS106 was a really hard class with a ridiculous amount of work (for my super lax senior year schedule). I did learn a lot of cool new things though and I’m really glad I toughed it out. The radio show is the worst part. It was hard to work with other classmates through an online class because our schedules never matched up well. It was also just a lot of work trying to perfect it. But if you can do that then you’ll be fine.

Don’t plan your schedule thinking this will not take much time just because it’s an online class. It took far more time and work than most of my classes (and I’m at art major so thats saying something). I planned out my semester knowing that these assignments would be due at 11:59 Friday night so I left Fridays completely open for me to work on DS. It still was not enough time and I was too burned out to be continuously working on the same subject all day long. Make it easier on yourselves and have at least two days a week to work on this class. Schedule a time just like any other lecture course to sit down and do it.

So. My advice to all you new DS106ers.

  1. Don’t think this is an easy A. His grading is pretty lenient, but you will need to do a lot of work to get that A.
  2. Plan to work on DS at least twice a week. Don’t forget about it because it’s an online course.
  3. Have fun. I have created so many cool new things throughout this course. I took ARTS104 so I already knew how to do some pretty advanced stuff in Photoshop, but you really don’t need to know anything before taking this class. Just be ready to get creative.
  4. Daily Creates are awesome.

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