Behind the Scenes of Breaking Bond: Week 14

Daniel Hawkins (Agent Roderick Rush) and I worked for the last two weeks on the ds106 Ultimatum/final. The hardest part of this project by far was coming up with ideas for the final and then coming up with ideas for specific assignments to embed in our piece. We knew at the beginning that the amount of work had to be comparable to the radio show (about 30 stars worth of assignments), but we didn’t really know where to go beyond that. We knew we wanted our two characters to work together on a case of espionage with Professor Bond at the center.

We knew we wanted to make a fake passport and a map of Professor Bond’s travels as they had been tracked, to incorporate the spy theme with our premise. After a week or so we worked together and formed a plot to our story. Professor Bond is trafficking high grade maple syrup across the Canadian border. All of the Russia stuff was just to throw us off! Turns out, like a famous TV character, he’s a teacher by day and a chemist who produces an addictive substance illegally. But with enough intelligence, Agent Roderick Rush and Agent Annabella Smith were on the case!

Daniel did most of the writing, although we both agreed on what each journal entry would be about. He also made the interactive map with Google My Maps. I took the three photographs toward the bottom that were meant to look like they were taken in a lab. It took some editing and staging (we used an empty bottle of brandy and put our syrup in it for one of them), but they turned out great. I also made the passport, with the help of the experience I had in making the one for Annabella Smith early in the semester, but I wanted to make sure this one was a lot more authentic. Both Daniel and I worked together on the promotional Breaking Bond poster that you see at the beginning (which was a TON of work). In the end I think we both made something great.

Breaking Bond

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