Kale is the Worst

This was a super awesome assignment. I went into this with a little hesitation, because I have never done any kind of coding, but I learned how to do this quicker than I thought I would. It’s really user-friendly for people like me who aren’t really computer-science oriented. The writing for each listing was time-consuming, but that was the easier part. The page was hard to save and does not work in Safari, so had to do it twice. I also really hate kale and the fact that everyone think it’s amazing (if you couldn’t figure that part out). You can see the entire page here:


One thought on “Kale is the Worst”

  1. ahaha this was very funny! I used to think like that until I tried Apples and greens from Jamba Juice in school (not that I’m advertising). Of course they probably put other flavors that hinder it and I think they only put alittle. It was pretty good though!

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