My Killer Playlist

Who doesn’t love making playlists/mixtapes? I might have went a little overboard with 29 tracks, but let’s just say it’s Volume 1 and Volume 2. Almost all of these are early 2000s music from when I was a kid. It’s basically of a mixture between pop, R&B, boyband music, and country. A song or two are even kind of pop-metal covers. While this wasn’t too technically difficult of an assignment, choosing the right theme and songs was its own challenge. ┬áMaking playlists and putting them on Myspace or a CD was something a lot of people loved doing when these songs came out, so I thought it worked perfectly.

One thought on “My Killer Playlist”

  1. Wow great playlist! I really enjoyed listening to Nsync & Backstreet Boys! I also loved the pop-metal covers–nice twist on good old days!

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