Spy Mash Up

For this assignment, we were supposed to put two actors together that didn’t originally appear together in a background and blend it all in to make it look believable and natural. I knew I wanted this one to be spy-themed, so I used a picture of Jude Law from the movie Spy and Daniel Craig from James Bond. I knew it would be hard to do this perfectly, because I would have to worry too much about finding the perfect perspective to match the background to the actors and other details like that, so I went more with what looked good enough and what was silly.

To do this assignment, I used Photoshop and cut out a picture of Jude Law in Spy aiming a gun and looking offscreen and found a similar pose of Daniel Craig in James Bond. For the background, I wanted something spy-ish but that would fit in with the pictures and be believable enough. At first I wanted a photo of a fancy building like a casino on the riviera, but nothing I could find fit with the right perspective, so I chose this photo of a rooftop in a city. Jude law is aiming in front and offscreen while Daniel Craig is sneaking up in the back and aiming at Jude Law. Twist!

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