Week 12

Week 12 had a lot of assignments as part of it, but it was actually fairly easy when compared to the past few weeks. At first I thought coming up with mash ups and remixes was going to be hard, but the assignment descriptions this week were very helpful and coming up with ideas was not has hard as I thought it would be. Making some of the assignments spy-themed was a little difficult, but it was not as difficult as in past weeks, which surprised me. My favorite assignment this week was the Jack Bourne (Movie Poster Mashup). That was the one I also decided to make a tutorial on. Making the tutorial took a lot of time even though I chose a somewhat easy assignment, but this week was fun and different.

Build a Rainbow

Deep Nonsense

Jack Bourne

Movie Mashup Tutorial

Dream Vacation Remix

Spy Mash Up

Hugh Jackman on Ducklings


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