Where in the world is Annabella Smith?

I chose this assignment because I love using Pinterest, and I want to travel to other countries and experience other places outside the country where I have lived my whole life. I even already had a board on Pinterest dedicated to different places where I want to travel. The UK has been at the top of my list of countries to go because of the beautiful landscape and history. I am also a photographer, and I want to take pictures like the ones that appear on Pinterest (and better ones). In fact, I want to go to graduate school in England to earn my master’s degree in photography. Coincidentally, the movie where I got my secret agent name The 39 Steps is set in the UK.

If I do end up travelling to the UK, I will probably need to spend 2-3 weeks there at minimum. There are more than enough picturesque views, natural sites (forests, cliffs, moors, mountains, rivers, even beaches), medieval-style villages, bed-and-breakfasts, castles, cathedrals, monuments, and Harry Potter filming locations to make for an eventful vacation. In the UK, you can see everything from Stonehenge to the Tower of London to the Isle of Skye. Check out my board to see just some of the places I hope to fit into my dream vacation:


This trip is definitely possible for me, because it is one of my top goals in life, and travel to the UK for US citizens is affordable and easy, especially because the countries share friendly relations and we speak their language. The only things preventing me from going soon would be time, getting time off work, getting a passport, and money for a plane ticket, accommodations, and a rental car. The UK only requires a valid passport and does not require shots or a visa for anyone staying less than 90 days. Doing this assignment wasn’t too much of a challenge since I was already familiar with Pinterest, but I found some really interesting places I had not heard of before, and it gave me a better idea of the cost and time that would have to go into my vacation. While I have wanted to visit some of the more popular places like Glen Coe or Dean Village for a long time, I found out about some more obscure places like library bars and abandoned abbey ruins. Off I go!

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