You’re A Pinteresting Character

For this assignment, I was able to use one of my favorite sites, Pinterest, and incorporate my character, Annabella Smith, into it. You can see the entire Pintrest Board here. This was super fun and very surprising. I’ve been on Pinterest for a few years, but I was still surprised to find so many cool spy gadgets. I have no idea why people are on Pinterest looking for spy gadgets, but it was the place to go! As a spy, Annabella Smith needs to change her appearance, so I pinned a few disguise-related pins and some outfits where she can hide her gadgets. Some of them are very practical, like a site that teaches you Morse code and fingerprint dust. The other gadgets include eye contacts that let you see in the dark, contact lenses that can zoom in and out, a ring that can cut through rope (if you need to make an escape), a pocket grappling hook, a phone charger that’s also a recording device, and of course a lipstick stun gun.

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